I'll Drink to That! Talking Wine with Levi Dalton
I'll Drink to That! is a podcast that speaks wine as a second language. We talk with sommeliers, vintners, importers, retailers, and wine journalists and all you need is a glass. New episodes are released every Tuesday and Friday. I'll Drink to That! is hosted by Levi Dalton and features Erin Scala.







April 2014
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Christian Binner is the latest generation to run Domaine Binner, originally founded in 1770 in Alsace.

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Samuel Tinon produces both dry and sweet wines in the Tokaj region of Hungary.

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Sasa Radikon works at his family's winery, called Radikon, in Italy's Friuli zone.


Also in this episode, Erin Scala explores the connection between (gasp!) taxes and wine.

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Silvio Messana runs the Montesecondo winery in Toscana.

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Mark Hutchens is a partner in Robert Houde Wines, a wine distributor and importer based in Illinois.


Also in this episode, Erin Scala discusses some highly unusual beverages.

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Hardy Wallace is a partner in the Dirty & Rowdy Family Wine Company in California.

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Pax Mahle produces wine at Wind Gap Wines and Pax Wine Cellars.


Also in this episode, Erin Scala recounts the early history of California wine.

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Andrea Calek crafts wines in the Ardeche region of southern France.

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Willi Bründlmayer runs the Bründlmayer winery in Austria's Kamptal region.


Also in this episode, Erin Scala and Michael Madrigale talk Gin and Juice.


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Olivier Leriche, who was previously the winemaker at Domaine de l'Arlot in Burgundy, is now the winemaker at Domaine des Accoles, the winery he owns with his wife in the south of France.

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Katie Parla is a Rome-based food and beverage educator and journalist blogging about restaurants in Rome at www.parlafood.com

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Egon Müller is the owner of Weingut Egon Müller, Scharzhof in Germany's Saar Valley.


Also in this episode, Erin Scala explores the world of bogs and mead.

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Gideon Bienstock is the owner and winemaker of the Clos Saron winery in California, and was previously the winemaker of the Renaissance winery for many years.


Also in this episode, Erin Scala shares another dad tale.

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Ryan Sutton is the New York Food Critic for Bloomberg News.

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As the restaurant Pearl & Ash celebrates its one year anniversary, Patrick Cappiello returns to the show to discuss how he became a Managing Partner and the Wine Director there.


Also in this episode, Erin Scala discusses the science of flavor perception.

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In a first for the show, Abe Schoener interviews Levi about the podcast, writing, working (& not working) as a sommelier, and Orange wine.

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Michael Moosbrugger oversees the wine production of Schloss Gobelsburg, in the Kamptal region of Austria.


Also in this episode, Erin Scala describes the world of the ancient symposiums.

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Raj Parr talks about his long career as a sommelier working with Michael Mina and others.

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Steve Matthiasson runs the Matthiasson winery with his wife and family, and also acts as a vineyard consultant to many wineries in California.

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Piero Mastroberardino leads the family winery, Mastroberardino, in Italy's Campania region.


This episode is dedicated to the memory of Antonio Mastroberardino, Piero's father, who died on January 28th at the age of 86.

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Whitney Schubert is the French Brand Manager for Polaner Selections, an importer and distributor.

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Stephen Henschke is the winemaker at the family winery, Henschke, in South Australia.


Also in the episode, Erin Scala points out that the relationship of oak and wine is perhaps broader than we often recognize.

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Jeremy Seysses runs, with his family, Domaine Dujac in Burgundy and Triennes in Provence.

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Monika Caha is the founder of Monika Caha Selections, a broker of Austrian wines.

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Emmanuel Lassaigne runs his family domaine, Jacques Lassaigne, in the Champagne region.


Also in this episode, Erin Scala talks with her dad about his last shift as a waiter.

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